Aero Gravity

A unique flight experience in Italy.


The only one in Italy. The second largest in the world.

Aero Gravity is the second largest vertical wind tunnel in the world and the only one in Italy. It allows you to experience, every day of the year, the experience of flying in an 8-metre tall crystal cylinder thanks to 6 massively powerful turbines and an air flow of up to 370 km/h capable of overcoming the force of gravity and supporting you in flight. Aero Gravity is the cutting-edge indoor skydiving facility, designed by a team of world-class engineers to guarantee you the utmost fun with no risks.

If you have always wanted to fly, this dream can come true in Milan. You will experience the feeling of free falling from a plane at an altitude of 4,500 metres. Are you ready for a breath-taking experience in complete safety?



AeroKIDS is the experience dedicated to boys and girls from 4 to 11 years of age. It includes a briefing, an instructor and 2 minutes of flight with the coach.
2 Minutes
1 Max
Starting from
€ 54


AeroSIX is dedicated to one, two or three participants. It includes a briefing, an instructor, equipment and 6 minutes of flight to be shared among the participants.
6 Minutes
3 Max
Starting from
€ 174


AeroSTART is a package that provides an exclusive experience with a professional coach. It includes a briefing, a personal instructor and 120 seconds of flight.
2 Minutes
1 Max
Starting from
€ 64

A perfect experience even for flight professionals!

The Aero Gravity flight chamber is perfect for skydivers, because it conveys the same sensations as a sports parachuting descent.
Are you ready to get started now?


The only one in Italy

The second largest in the world

Totally Safe

Cutting edge technology

No Preliminary Preparation Required

Open to Everyone, From Children to Skydivers

Are you a parachutist or have you already participated in our AeroTRAINING flight course?



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