PHOTO VIDEO and SHOOTING | Methods and rules of use

Foto Video Riprese

We believe that a unique experience like Aero Gravity should be shared in the simplest way possible. For this reason, we have chosen to let you use personal photo/video devices for free.
A paid photo service is also available for those who want professional photos or videos.

Rules for using mobile phones, cameras and video cameras.

Do you want to use your phone or camera to make videos or photos?! No problem, the use is free, but we ask you to read the instructions below.

ATTENTION: it is not possible to carry objects inside the flight chamber and the waiting pre-chamber for safety reasons. To make videos with your own devices you need to show up with a companion who can take pictures and record videos during your flight. Alternatively, in the case of groups, it is possible to divide costs by booking at different times (with at least an hour between the two bookings) in order to take pictures of each other.

GoPro/ Action cam

Do you have a GoPro or an action cam? You can take it with you and record your session.

ATTENTION: for safety it is not possible to wear or fix action cams on the helmet, but you can fix your device to the glass if you have a “suction cup” accessory or you can bring a tripod and place it outside the flight chamber.

Paid photo service.

For those who want professional images, it is possible to take advantage of the paid photographic services.

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