Would you like to experience the flight experience for the first time? Not a problem!

AeroGravity offers four dedicated packages: AeroSTART, AeroDOUBLE, AeroSIX and AeroTRAINING.

Our expert instructors will be at your complete disposal to provide you with all the information you need to make the most of this unique experience.

Before entering the wind tunnel, a briefing will allow you to understand the position to be held during the flight. Our instructor will also accompany you throughout the entire experience to guarantee complete safety.

These packages are dedicated to anyone from 12 years of age.


AeroSTART is a package that provides an exclusive experience with a professional coach. It includes a briefing, a personal instructor and 120 seconds of flight.


Let’s shed some light on one of our most popular packages.

AeroDOUBLE can be used by a single person who wants to fly for a prolonged time (4 minutes instead of two) or by two people who will have two entrances available for two minutes each. All you need to do is choose! And you don’t have to decide right away, you can tell reception just before your flight.

It includes a briefing, an instructor and 240 seconds of total flight.


AeroSIX is dedicated to one, two or three participants. It includes a briefing, an instructor, equipment and 6 minutes of flight to be shared among the participants.


AeroTRAINING is a personalised individual lesson to learn the basic movements of indoor flight. This is the first step to becoming Sports Flyers. It includes a briefing, a personal instructor and 15 minutes of flight to share with your coach.


Those who choose to fly alone want to live exclusively, without distractions, a fascinating and unique experience: Aero Gravity will allow you to float freely in the air thanks to six powerful turbines. You can choose to experience this adventure for your flight initiation or, with the AeroTRAINING package, as a first step in your journey to becoming a Sports Flyer.

Give yourself an intense, adrenaline-fuelled moment, in complete safety.

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