Did you know that children from four years of age can fly in our vertical wind tunnel?

Flying is a playful and formative experience that will allow your children to experience a feeling of freedom and well-being never experienced before.

Do you want to let the whole family fly? With Aero Gravity it’s possible! Our proposal provides a flight experience for up to five people, of which at least two are minors.

Accompanying your children in an unforgettable adventure is an experience not to be missed: And when mom and dad are also present, the fun multiplies exponentially!


AeroKIDS is the experience dedicated to boys and girls from 4 to 11 years old. It includes a briefing, an instructor and 2 minutes of flight with the coach.


AeroFAMILY is an experience dedicated to families with a package that is valid for up to 5 people (two of which are under the age of 18). It includes a briefing, an instructor and 10 minutes of flight to be shared among the participants.



Let’s shed some light on one of our most popular packages.

AeroDOUBLE can be used by a single person who wants to fly for a prolonged time (4 minutes instead of two) or by two people who will have two entrances available for two minutes each. All you need to do is choose! And you don’t have to decide right away, you can tell it to the reception just before your flight.

It includes a briefing, an instructor and 240 seconds of total flight.


AeroSIX is dedicated to one, two or three participants. It includes a briefing, an instructor, equipment and 6 minutes of flight to be shared among the participants.


The flight experience that Aero Gravity offers to families also includes children from 4 years of age because it is completely safe. The flight takes place in fact with the constant presence of a qualified instructor and with all the equipment necessary to live an enjoyable adventure without risks.


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