Do you want to become the favorite parent, the perfect aunt, the ideal partner or friend?

We offer you an innovative, breathtaking, absolutely unique gift! You can purchase a digital voucher that will be sent to you via email at the time of purchase in pdf format.

With the digital voucher you receive your purchase immediately, in real time.


The voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

You can choose between

  • Holiday voucher valid every day.
  • Weekday voucher valid from Tuesday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Anyone who receives the gift has the opportunity to book their flight experience without constraints. Simply connect to our website and choose the date and time from those available for the type of voucher received.

The vouchers are not nominal, you can buy them and give them to whoever you want!


Now it is no longer possible to buy an AeroPack, but if you want a gift box for your voucher, you can download and build your own box by following the instructions in our video tutorial.


They are available in different formats. All you have to do is choose the experience that’s right for you.

AeroSTART / starting from 64€

The perfect gift for all ages. Are you ready to take flight?

AeroSTART Full Package / starting from 84€

Our AeroSTART, plus the complete video and photo package. For a gift to remember!

AeroKIDS / starting from €54

2 minutes of flight in complete safety for the happiness of a child from 4 to 11 years of age.

AeroKIDS Full Package / starting from 74€

Our AeroKIDS, plus the complete video and photo package. For a gift to remember!

AeroDOUBLE / starting from €114

A package dedicated to two beginners who will be able to fly one after the other for 120 seconds each or to a single person who wants to fly twice as long.

AeroSIX / starting from €174

6 minutes of flight in 3 different formulas: alone, for 6 minutes; for two people, with flights of 3+3 minutes; for three people, with flights of 2+2+2 minutes.

AeroFAMILY / starting from €274

10 minutes of in-flight emotions to be experienced as a family (up to 5 people with at least 2 minors).

AeroTRAINING / 265€

The first step to become a pro-flyer. It includes a theoretical briefing on the ground and a 15-minute flight with a personal coach.

All vouchers include a theoretical briefing, specific equipment and a personal instructor during the flight.

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