Sharing special moments with close friends is the perfect way to imprint unforgettable memories in our minds that will accompany us throughout our lives. And which dream could be bigger than flying?

Aero Gravity offers different solutions for groups of friends, all united by fun, maximum adrenaline and total safety. Flying in the largest vertical wind tunnel in the world and the only in Italy offers the opportunity to experience emotions never witnessed before, in the company of the people you love most.


AeroSIX is dedicated to one, two or three participants. It includes a briefing, an instructor, equipment and 6 minutes of flight to be shared among the participants. The perfect solution for a small group of friends who want to have a great experience together.


AeroFAMILY is the experience dedicated to families but also to groups of friends, with a package that is valid for up to 5 people (two of which are under the age of 18). It includes a briefing, an instructor and 10 minutes of flight to be shared among the participants.

Children and families


AeroTEAM is the perfect solution for an outside-the-box group party. Includes a briefing, an instructor and 28 minutes of flight to be divided among the participants. It foresees a maximum of 14 people with the possibility of buying more packages in case of larger groups.


The flight experience that Aero Gravity makes available to groups of more or less numerous friends is perfect for cementing a relationship, celebrating an anniversary or an important event, or simply to share an extraordinary moment of sport, friendship and fun. All with the safety guaranteed by Aero Gravity. Why not give it a try?

Unique experience

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