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How does Aero Gravity work?

The flight chamber of Aero Gravity has a diameter of 5.2 x 20 metres in height of which the first 8 is in crystal glass. Thanks to six powerful turbines on the inside, a high-speed air flow is generated that can support you and give you the feeling of hovering in flight.

What time should you show up?

It is imperative to appear in Aero Gravity one hour before the time of booking.

We advise you to consult the information to reach the structure since we are in a newly built area and the address assigned to us is not yet recognised by all satellite navigators.

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How much does it cost to fly in Aero Gravity?

The basic AeroSTART package with an instructor, a briefing and 120 seconds of flight (equivalent to 2 jumps from 4,500 metres) starts from € 59 euros for adults and € 39 for children up to the age of 11.

Who can fly?

Flyers of all ages, starting from 4-year olds can participate. If you suffer from recurrent dislocation of the shoulder joint or have other particular health problems, we invite you to check, before booking, the access restrictions, by calling or writing to us. We will do our best to allow you to fly, our goal is to let everyone have this experience. Flying is not permitted to pregnant women.

Do you need a medical certificate to fly?

No. No medical certificate is required. In the case of a particular pathology, we recommend only consulting your doctor.

Should I wear special clothing or footwear?

Comfortable clothing and shoes with laces. The rest of the equipment is provided by us. If you can, leave all accessories and valuables at home. We will ask you to deposit them before starting.

How far in advance should I book my flight?

If you have no particular needs, a few days are enough, we generally recommend a week in advance.

How do I book and purchase the flight experience?

Bookings are made online by choosing day and time and proceeding with the payment. For multiple bookings, just choose the same day and time to be entered in the same flight class. For open date bookings select the voucher purchase or you can buy the packs at our facility or with our retailers.

How can I alter my booking?

To modify a reservation, simply write to the email address info@aerogravity.it. Up to 3 days before the flight date, the change can take place without payment of supplements.

2 days before the date of the flight the change can take place with an integration of 25% of the value of the entire package to be paid upon arrival. 1 day before the date of the flight the change can take place with an integration of 35% of the value of the entire package to be paid upon arrival. The same day of the flight the change can take place with an integration of 50% of the value of the entire package to be paid upon arrival.

If you do not show up, the reservation will be considered lost.

Is it possible for two or more users to fly together at the same time?

The first flight is always individual with your instructor for safety reasons. To fly in a group, you need to participate in a flight course or to have learned the basic flight techniques (entering/leaving and stable flying within the simulator). For more information “Flight Courses“.

How is safety guaranteed during the flight?

The entire experience takes place under the complete supervision of a certified instructor.

Can I organise a corporate event in Aero Gravity?

Absolutely. It is possible to organise anything from a simple Team Building to an exclusive Custom Event.

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Is it difficult to reach Aero Gravity?

Despite being very close to the Milan Trade Fair and just a few minutes from the Pero and Rho Fiera Metro stops and the train station, you may encounter problems in reaching us due to the fact that our area is still under construction and the roads are still to be named. We therefore recommend that you only use Google Maps or Waze to reach us by setting “Aero Gravity” in the search.

Some tips: the entrance from Rho is located on the roundabout of the East Gate of the Fair just to the right of the entrance to the Trenord, it is a small road that leads only to us.

The entrance from Pero is next to the Palazzo della Golmar in via Gabriele D’Annunzio 27, it is a newly built road that passes under the highway and arrives directly to us.

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